literally every anti-sjw blog who gets death threats every day: lol

Interesting point. Though, this arguement would work so much better if it weren’t for the fact that a ton of anti-sj blogs on this site are basically worthless in every way conceivable, with the blogger themselves self-awareness of that worthlessness, and thus are already most likely pretty apathetic about whatever they are doing anyway except for supposedly earning enjoyment that is emotionally dishonest and make-pretend anyway.

… Now of course, when I mean anti-sj in this case, I mean the sort of ugly utterly unpleasant people who prefer to pander to naivety pretending to be cynicism by flinging shit at easy targets, and more often than not possess blatantly bigoted opinions, or uneducated ones.

Obviously, there are blogs that are dedicated to criticize the various aspects of the popular methods of social justice not because of any inherit disgust at the concept and more to its faulty execution (of course, there are those that for all their good intentions are absolutely tone-deaf and obnoxiously obtuse and oversimplifies issues just like the stereotypical “sjw”, but that’s a different thing”), though by that point it honestly starts to just strain what exactly “anti-sj” even means, because by all rational accounts it can and should be considered a method to the same goal of social egalitarianism anyway.

Now, I’m assuming this arguement is meant to be for the latter kind of anti-sjw blog (since I’m aware some people like to make vaguely-defined distinctions between “sjw” and “sj”), the sort that justifiably hates those very hypocritical, very extremist and dull kind that prefer “witty” clickbait and shallow emotional gratification.
Obviously, death threats by those kind of dimwitted extremists send against people criticizing of those said dimwitted extremities are obviously a bad thing. Obviously it shouldn’t be tolerated.

So… why should why is it okay for Anita Sarkeesian to receive the same. If anti-sjw getting hate is not a nice thing (look no amount “I feed on your anger!!1!1” claims will actually make that a good thing, unless you don’t care, which automatically nulls any value your arguements have by the virtue that you don’t actually care about what you say, thus neither should anyone else) and demonstrates the opponent’s hypocrisy and people’s BS, isn’t the Sarkeesian situation the same by token? Don’t those threats also show how many miserable excuses for human beings there are in the world?

Now we all want to be noble and say “I’m not hating Sarkeesian for being a woman I’m criticizing her methods”, but the reality is this whole thing has become such lightining-rod for horrible misogyny, everything you will say will inevitably be another justification for actual horrible people, tuning whatever valid criticisms you had right back to straight-up women-hate and making the whole endeavor worthless to anyone who considers consequences (This post makes a good point about this http://philsandifer.tumblr.com/post/96105317286/to-make-something-of-an-implicit-policy-position/).   
Criticize Sarkeesian’s methods all you want, but I bet you won’t mind if a blatantly misogynist person reblogs your article (that probably got its intel from 4chan or reddit anyway, sites that don’t have a good track record with this sort of stuff) with comments like “^^THIS” and *insert whatever sexist thing they might say*, because it “spreads the word~~”.

Yeah, oh, now the methods are unquestionable. NOW end justifies the means huh?
(bit of a strawman, but I from what is already a shallow original post that appeals to emotions I’m presuming you won’t mind this bit of shallowness that also appeals to emotions too much)

You might say that “what about those sjw’s using good sj posts as weapons!”, but then that’s when you have to realize there is a real difference between that and something backed by very real problems outside of specific subsets of the internet (as explained here in this http://womenwriteaboutcomics.com/2014/08/19/my-ex-broke-my-heart-and-also-shes-a-vampire-so-lets-form-a-mob/).

So, what is the point then?
Is this then supposed to be an appeal for Sarkeesian and people who sympathize to “grow a spine”?
If that’s the case, that says less about the supposed superiority of pure anti-sj master race, and more about the utterly tone-deaf, utterly dense and outdated notions you have on anything resembling real life, that still thinks “mannin’-up” is a valid response to all possinle conflicts, making this point completely useless to anyone outside the echo chamber whom you are pandering to.
And in a twist of irony, makes this post just as hypocritical as the sjw C;


Above :A Zeon from the planet Zeos from an episode of Dr.Who titled The Armageddon Factor. This episode aired January 20th, 1979.
Below: Char Aznable, a Zeon commander from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam which began airing April 7th, 1979.

The episode of Dr.Who aired before Gundam started to air.

You can make Homestuck planets from Kamen Rider themes


Land of Fruits and Locks

Land of Violins and Stained Glass Windows

Land of Knights and Cards, or, alternatively using Ryuki instead of Blade, Land of Reflections and Cards.

My personal favourite is Land of Social Corruption and Inimical Capitalist Industrialization

 - Honey Flash
75 plays


German Cutey Honey OP

*pling pling pling*

“Cutey Honey!”

*awesome jazz music*

Süß wie wilder Honig und beherzt ist die Heldin
Gertenschlank, bezaubernd und schön sieht sie aus
Sie hat die Kraft der Liebe
Wenn sie es nur will, wächst sie über sich hinaus

Sweet as wild honey and courageous is the heroine
Slender, enchanting and beautiful is how she looks
She has the power of love
Whenever she simply wants to she outdoes herself

Cutey Honey, Cutey Honey
Sie verändert unsere Welt
Sie verwandelt sich und handelt
Wie vom Blitz wird dann die Erde erhellt

Cutey Honey, Cutey Honey
She changes our world
She transforms herself and acts
As if by lightning the earth is then illuminated

So kämpft sie
So siegt sie
Nie unterliegt sie
Und dann ruft sie
Honey Flash!

That’s how she fights
That’s how she wins
Never is she defeated
And then she shouts out
Honey Flash!

Sie ist ehrlich

She is honest

Cutey Honey, Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey verliert nie
Sie ist ehrlich, einfach unentbehrlich
Zauberhaft und voller Magie

Cutey Honey, Cutey Honey
Cutey Honey never loses
She is honest, simply indispensable
Enchanting and full of magic

So kämpft sie
So siegt sie
Nie unterliegt sie
Und dann ruft sie
Honey Flash!!

That’s how she fights
That’s how she wins
Never is she defeated
And then she shouts out
Honey Flash!



"You are a good Dalek."

Into the Dalek - series 08 - 2014

Seven Kamen Rider Stronger Facts!


(that you may not have known!)           image

1. Stronger’s original name was ‘Spark’, due to his electrical abilities and an updated concept of an ‘electric remodeled human’, as opposed to the original Kamen Rider’s idea of a ‘remodeled human’ (kaizo-ningen, or cyborg). However the name had already been trademarked, so instead they went with ‘Stronger’.

2. Stronger’s shoulder, chest, and helmet design are deliberately based not only on the Kabuto beetle, but an American football uniform.

3. The ‘S’ on Stronger’s chest is a deliberate Superman reference - designers were aware of it when they slapped it on there.

4. Stronger’s larger eyes and helmet design was twofold - an attempt to move away from the then-typical ‘drooping eye’ rider design, and, due to the increased amount of trampoline and bike stunts, allow stunt actors greater visibility. 

5. Shotaro Ishimori designed a set of wings to go with the Kabutoro, Stronger’s bike - however these were scrapped in favor of making the bike ‘sleeker’ to keep the bike action ‘stronger’.

6. The concept behind Stronger (which was then intended to be the final Kamen Rider series) was to be ‘straightforward, delightful and cheerful’ with a sense of optimism - X and Amazon had both felt like series where the hero was locked in constant, bitter, stalemate, and Stronger was designed to be much more hopeful and soulful, to have the ‘rider spark’ that was incorporated into his design.

7. Stronger’s name comes from a concept that was pitched from the beginning as the ‘uniting of the five riders’ - that is to unite all previous seven riders from the previous four seasons - and the defining aspect of the Rider who united them being ‘stronger’. 

In which Miyuki becomes Mothman


Scans from the October issue of Hyper Hobby have begun surfacing. While I can’t understand the majority of the text I can comment on the pictures shown!

  • It seems that Omori (producer) states that "Drive will absolutely not ride a bike."
  • Kiriko Shijimawill offer support to Kamen Rider Drive by carrying around Shift Cars on her own holder for him to use.
  • Mitsuki Endo & Hitomi Isaka portray what seem to be two cops (or maybe just workers at the station) and might have a recurring role similar to Elizabeth & Queen from Kamen Rider W.

"Drive will absolutely not ride a bike."


then what the fuck’s even the point of calling it Rider anymore